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Q: construction cost for g+4 at kondapur


Hello, the construction costs are starting at 1100 per sft in general, however it may vary from project to project based on many factors, please call us at 9121172233 or email @ info@hocomoco.in, our team will assist you through the construction including costs.

Q: I want home renovation at kukatpally ?


Sure! we are happy to assist you, Please call us at 9121172233.

Q: What will be the cost for my construction for 507 sq yards? - Raghav


Hello Raghav, The Construction Costs Are Starting At 1100 Per Sft In General, However It May Vary From Project To Project Based On Many Factors, Please Call Us At 9121172233 Or Email @ Info@Hocomoco.In, Our Team Will Assist You Through The Construction Including Costs.

Q: How many months does it take to build my home at 323 sq yards?


Hello, It would be difficult to provide you with an accurate answer without scheduling using architecture plans, however assuming you are building a duplex home, it would roughly take about 9 months from beginning to end.

Q: I want to apply for permission for my land 257 sq yards?


Sure, We can definitely help you with the process, please contact us at 9121172233 or email us at info@hocomoco.in.

Q: Can you help us with GHMC permissions ? - Nikhitha janaki


Hello Nikhita, Absolutely! our purpose here is to serve you with all or any of the construction need. Please contact us here at 9121172233 or email us at info@hocomoco.in, our team will be happy to assist you.

Q: River Sand or Robosand ?


River sand is naturally found sand and has been in use since a very long time. Robosand or M-sand meaning manufactured sand has been in the market since recent years, Although it is artificially formed meaning manufactured it is safe to assume that it is absolutely reliable and safe to use M-sand. 

Q: What concrete quality should i use for our duplex home? - Ritu


Hello Ritu, Generally The Recommended Quality Is M20 That Is 1:1.5:3 Which Means 1 Part Cement, 1.5 Parts Sand And 3 Parts Of Coarse Aggregate, However The Concrete Mix Will Be Suggested By Structural Engineers At The Time Of Designing As Per Ground Conditions. I Would Suggest You To Please Call Us At 9121172233 So That Our Team Will Be Happy To Walk You Through Any Other Doubts You May Have.

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