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Architecture & Structural

Complete architectural and structural designing solutions for your home (residential) and commercial property.

  1.         Parking plans /Stilt planning
  2.         Floor plans/planning
  3.         Elevation design
  4.         Working drawing
  5.         3d elevation/3d floor plan
  6.         Plumbing and electrical designs
  7.         Building permission drawings
  8.         Complete Structural drawings

·         Finding an architect suitable for you can be a challenging task, you need to find a professional that can capture your imagination and meet your level of expectation.

·         The process can be confusing and time consuming. Also the prices heavily vary from architect to architect so in most cases the price you pay may not be justified for the quality of work you receive.

·         We have created a unique way of approach with vast pool of architects on our database, we will work on allocating you a right professional based on your thoughts, requirements to match and keep up with your imagination.

·         ‘Best price challenge’- with us you can be assured that you have the best price in the market.

·         We will facilitate and act on your behalf through the entire designing process.

·         We are very flexible to changing and re working until you are satisfied, unlike the market standards forcing you to choose among few options.

·         Our aim is to provide you with unique and creative architecture designs as we maintain both quality and cost efficiency.

·         Currently providing architecture and structural services for

ü   Residential design, Commercial design, Landscape design, Conceptual design, Space planning, Theme development, 3d designs, Elevation design, Parking ideas and solutions, Architecture working drawings, Structural working drawings, Floor plans, False ceiling designing, DWV (drainage, waste collection and vent shaft), Plumbing drawings, Electrical drawings, Ac ducting, Modern, Traditional, Fancy, Contemporary, Green design, Urban, Industrial, Swimming pool designs.

·         You can now find best architects near you, just at a click away.