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Commercial Construction

We facilitate on your behalf- All the Planning, Market survey’s, Quote preparation, schedule Preparation, designing (Architectural), execution (construction) and monitoring services.

·         We are well recognised for our in-depth market analysis, before we plan and design your corporate building.

·         We take into consideration, many factors while 'designing' such as the location of the site, entry and exits of the building, road directions, traffic movement, parking solutions and more as we believe these factors play a vital role in the rise/growth of your potential business.

·         Our aim is to provide you with unique and creative work spaces with International standards as we maintain both quality and cost efficiency.

·         We have built this web place for you based on 4T’s (our principles)

§  Transparency (we are putting an end to endless cheating)

§  Time (On time delivery, no more cost over runs due to delay in construction)

§  Tracking (you should be able to control and track every bit of your construction, be it material or workforce, we have built necessary tools to assist you)

§  Technology (Use of technology in planning, executing and monitoring will increase efficiency, reduce cost and allow us to produce great results for you)

·         To provide you with the right quality for the right price, rest assured we have the best consultants, right professionals to take personal care of each of your requirement.

ü  We are here to assist you with Commercial construction, office works, co-work spaces construction, hospital construction, showroom construction, retail construction, hotel and restaurant construction, mall construction, resort construction, office interiors, hotel interiors, commercial complex construction and interiors.

ü  We have right architects and interior designers for commercial buildings/properties.

ü  Specialized legal team for legal scrutiny of commercial property (Legal/Permissions, Legal Opinions).

ü  We will facilitate and act on your behalf to identify reliable construction contractors, material contractors, labour contractors, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, awnings contractors, painting contractors, civil contractors and others. We will ensure smooth flow of construction.

ü  The construction procedure, guidelines, schedule, quality standards and norms are set by us and monitored by us to ensure you have the right end result.